My Ultimate Summer To Do List


It’s hard to fathom that we’re already well into July! The seasons fly by so fast that if we don’t stop and look around once in a while, we’ll miss them completely. I know that once summer is over, all I’ll want to do is cozy up at home and do all the fall things. But I also don’t want to wish away summer which is is why I compiled my 2017 summer to-do list. Honestly, we need to make the most of that sunshine while we have it, and writing things down is one of the best ways for me to hold myself accountable.

But what should be on a summer to-do list anyway? I think it should be easily attainable, not hard to plan, and affordable… We’ve got about 10 weeks left— we got this!

  1. Watch a movie in the park
  2. Order dessert from an ice cream truck
  3. Read 20 books (currently 2/20)
  4. Host a BBQ Game Night at our place
  5. Play beach volleyball
  6. Eat corn on the cob
  7. Go tubing in West Virginia
  8. Go blueberry picking
  9. Go to an outdoor concert
  10. Take a nap outside

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when maribel met the ocean | ocean city, new jersey

a few weeks ago, my family took a weekend trip together out to our shore house in ocean city, nj. the weekend started with my brother surprising my parents, who flew in for the weekend from san diego without them knowing. i don’t think i’ve ever seen my mom so shocked!


can’t visit ocnj without at least one stop here

we settled in after the initial surprise and immediately took maribel to the beach. even though we’ve been back living on the east coast for about a year now, we never managed to get her to the ocean. she was obsessed with the baby pool we bought her while we were living in austin, so i was so excited to see her first experience with the ocean.

as soon as we hit the sand she took off running. i’m in decent shape, but i’m so happy my super-fit brother was there to keep up with her as she sprinted toward the ocean. i don’t think i’ve ever seen her happier! she’s still a little unsure about big waves, but we determined that we definitely have a water dog on our hands.



2016-08-20 16.02.58.jpg
a welcomed, “more healthy” alternative to day-drinking beach beers: truly (spiked seltzer)



after what ended up being a highlight of the weekend for me, we spent the rest of the weekend doing what you do down the shore: relaxing on or near the beach, and eating and drinking way too much. we sprinkled in a few bikes rides and run here or there to keep things balanced.


panama hat (and yes of course, i bought it in size XL #bigheadproblems)

we took our last beach trip of the year a few weeks ago and while it was sad to say goodbye for a little while, i can’t say that i wished summer lasted any longer. i feel like we properly “did” summer.


i saw citizen cope live at the music pier, which was my first concert at that venue. it’s a beautiful location right on the water and i highly recommend seeing a show (any show) if you have the chance.


clams casino at the crab trap in somers point. THE BEST

this summer i also ate my weight in kohr brothers frozen custard, rode bikes to strathmere for mahi mahi sandwiches on the bay at twisties, had one too many bud lights at the beach/back bars in sea isle, drank coffee and read books on the porch, let my hair run wild, stayed up too late watching movies, and spending time on the beach at the 5 o’clock hour (the best hour on the beach, from a pitkin’s standpoint). 12this has been the busiest season of my life with all of our road trips and adventures (i’ll be writing a summer wrap-up). i’m so thankful for the weekends we were able to spend by the water.

and now that summer has come to a close, i’m really, really looking forward a relaxing and rejuvenating fall.









summer lately [via my iphone]

above: my handsome date and i from a wedding in philly last weekend [dress and braid]

august will be here in just over a week and i can’t believe how quickly summer is flying by. i’m not ready! it feels like just yesterday i was sipping my first summer love of the season and before you know it we’ll be pulling out our boots and watching the leaves turn colors.

i hope you’re hanging in there. this summer has been lovely, but also quite disorienting. hug your loved ones extra tightly today.

20160625_142341_resized_1 copy
a peaceful afternoon drinking beers and floating down the potomac
2016-07-10 15.08.44 copy
a beautiful afternoon spent wine tasting just outside dc
2016-07-16 00.00.06 copy
the most appropriate favor for a philly wedding
2016-07-11 10.00.38 HDR-1 copy
nitro cold brew from compass coffee is my newest obsession
2016-07-12 20.37.19 copy.jpg
taking advantage of the beautiful weather with an impromptu wine and cheese night
2016-06-10 10.41.05
breakfast with the boys at a friend’s bachelorette
2016-06-14 12.52.20 copy
i cried when i voted for hillary in the primary. i will cry whether she wins or loses the general election.
2016-06-14 13.27.22
the cutest vanilla bean confetti cookies i’ve made 3 times now
2016-07-21 13.44.33
soaking up summer as long as possible
a rare crowd-less afternoon at bluejacket brewery
2016-06-22 20.53.39 copy
work trips to austin in june call for sweaty outdoor concerts and wine