20 Light Spring Cocktails


When I think about warm weather, I immediately think of eating and drinking outside with friends. I’m lucky enough to live in a building with one of the best rooftop views in DC, so it comes as no surprise that during warmer months I have people over at least once a week. Some of my most memorable nights from last summer were spent upstairs on the roof playing games or just hanging out, sipping on a new-to-us cocktail.

I rarely make the same drink twice (there is one exception), since there are so many interesting options out there that I’m eager to try. I’m particularly drawn to cocktails that feature ingredients I’ve never used before, like pea shoots, cava or matcha! While searching for recipes for new drinks to try, I aim to keep things on the lighter side without sacrificing taste. Some are twists on old classics, while some are a brand new mixtures of ingredients.


Here are a few light, spring cocktails I’ll be trying out this year: