Friday Mornings

I’ll tell you, these allergies kicked my ass this week. The weather forecast is calling for rain all weekend which I couldn’t be happier about (wash all that pollen away, pleaseandthanks). I’ve got a super packed weekend of March for Science protesting, birthday parties, a friend’s DJ set/art show, and more. It’s great to have a weekend off, but I also relish the weekends that are already packed to the brim with fun stuff. I can’t wait to kick it all off with drinks with the girls in a few hours somewhere that apparently specializes in frozen cider.

“Girlboss” on Netflix premieres today
Wishing everyone the most fulfilling of weekends, whatever that means to you 🙂
This past week…
  • The Most Interesting Thing I Read | this NY Mag article about the quirks of female socialization and why we are drawn to certain types of women is fascinating
  • The Most Delicious Thing I Made | in an effort to proactivey waste less food, so when live gives you about-to-go-bad apples you make these
  • The Most Inspiring Quote I Heard |Stay around people who look more like your future than your past.” – personal trainer Anna Victoria
  • The Most Useful Thing I Listened To | this podcast with Tony Robbins’ son, Jairek. I listened to it twice and took notes, which never happens.
  • The Coolest Event I Attended | I bought tickets to a tiny, intimate show where the artist and specific location wasn’t revealed until the day before and it was SO worth it
  • The Most Adult Thing I Bought | suns out, sunscreens out with the help from these lightweight lipface, and everyday protections
  • The Most Excited I Am | I can’t wait to binge watch this Netflix series which comes out today 4/21 #GIRLBOSS

“If your Nerve, deny you— 
Go above your Nerve. ” – Emily Dickinson

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friday afternoons

a few of my favorite things to take us into the weekend

a shot from memorial day weekend

cheers to the weekend! i’ll be sitting in a philly chapel watching two dear friends wed instead of a coffee shop in dc this afternoon. here’s what i would be perusing this friday afternoon.

have a relaxing weekend!

  • been thinking about creating a ‘wake-up routine’, too via life hacker
  • which wine goes goes with which glass via my domaine
  • 6 really helpful work tips via man repeller
  • my new gold embossed, customized mouse pad via the leather shop
  • you are what you read via qz
  • 17 apps to make your life easier via the muse
  • utilize these tips if you’re heading to the beach this weekend
  • getting lost in this blogger’s ireland photos
  • will be utilizing some of these tips this weekend
  • my first time wearing yellow this weekend via asos

friday afternoons

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my friend laura is also a remote worker. she and i usually spend most friday afternoons finding new places to do work together throughout the city. this past friday we were able to finally checkout kafe bohem in shaw.

we were really excited to checkout this euro style cafe, but i must say we were a bit let down. there were no other patrons in the shop when we arrived which should’ve been our first hint. the barista was very nice, but she had ‘somewhere else to be’ so they were only able to offer us drip coffee and hot tea. 3 pm on a friday is probably a slower time than most for coffee shops. but if that’s the case, they should close if they are only able to offer espresso drinks. i did have a warm lentil salad topped with greens, goat cheese, and honey mustard that wasn’t bad. i’d love to go back and try their schnitzel.

after kafe bohem, we were still in need of real coffee so we went to the mecca of dc coffee shops: compass coffee. if you follow me on snapchat, you may have seen me lose my mind when i learned that their mint cold brew on nitro is back (!). and it was as good a i remembered.


after proper caffeination, it was suddenly 5 pm and we decided to walk across the street and checkout takoda since it was opening day. takoda opened that day at 5 pm, and by 5:15 the roof was already at capacity. we did manage to snag a seat by the window which was glorious. we each tried 2 different cocktails which were delicious, but shockingly small for their price (even for dc). i’m excited to go back and try some of their interesting food offering, as well as the beer garden-style roof — once there’s no longer a line out the front door.