4 Days in Napa Valley

I am finally getting around to editing these photos after a few crazy weeks! I have a million photos I took from these few days we spent in Napa Valley with our families just to watch Zach and Kimmy RUN A MARATHON! While I was pretty bummed about not being able to complete the race myself due to an injury, I couldn’t have picked a better place to be injured.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip!

2017-03-05 09.29.13Saturday was the day before the race, we had a day to ‘take it easy’, carbo load, yet still explore Napa Valley. After picking up our race packets in the morning, we took a drive to Russian River Brewing, a place that beer folks tell me is the ‘mecca of beer.’ The weather was miserable that day, so we were happy to spend inside eating pizza and getting a taste of their infamous Pliny the Elder.

2017-03-04 16.34.34

2017-03-04 17.06.41

2017-03-04 16.37.11

2017-03-04 17.13.37

2017-03-04 14.22.37Sunday was RACE DAY! We got up early, carbo loaded, and headed to the starting line. It was cold and rainy,  and the nervousness of the runners was palpable. Even with a stress fracture in my foot, I managed to run a mile alongside my sister before I had to call my dad to pick me up on the side of the road. I was pretty disappointed for an hour or so about not being able to finish, but once we all set back out in our orange gear to find and cheer on Zach and Kimmy, I was too excited for them to be sad!

2017-03-05 08.14.27

2017-03-05 08.15.13
Our Airbnb was smack dab in the middle of our own private vineyard

2017-03-05 09.03.54

2017-03-05 09.13.57

2017-03-05 09.12.50
I loved the wine-themed street names

2017-03-05 09.57.19-2

2017-03-05 09.41.34

2017-03-05 11.48.19

2017-03-05 11.35.06

2017-03-05 11.01.28
We may have quickly stopped at a winery while Kimmy and Zach were between miles 16 and 23 🙂

2017-03-05 12.23.38-1

2017-03-05 12.34.27

2017-03-05 12.34.46

2017-03-05 12.35.08

2017-03-05 12.29.27They did it! Kimmy and Zach ran through sun, rain, hail, rain, sun, wind, and some more hail for 26.2 miles. They did such an incredible job and both had huge smiles on their faces afterward. After heading home for a bit, we enjoyed a lovely celebratory dinner at Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch (where I sadly forgot to take photos). After heading home for a few beers in the hot tub, it was early to bed.

2017-03-05 08.15.23Monday was our last full day in Napa,  so we set out exploring the variety of wineries Napa Valley has to offer. We started at Clos Pegase, which is known for their art, estate wines and “luxury hospitality”. Since Zach’s parents have been members for years, we were able to score a private wine tour of the property which included wine tasting in their caves!

2017-03-06 10.44.12
Looking great post-race!

2017-03-06 10.46.59

2017-03-06 10.43.03

2017-03-06 12.00.00

2017-03-06 10.59.39

2017-03-06 11.17.59

2017-03-06 11.22.08

2017-03-06 11.57.54

Afterward, we explored Dutch Henry Winery which was the smallest winery we visited, and reminded me of Austin with it’s chicken coop and picnic tables. After a delicious lunch at Gott’s Roadside (get the fries!!), we sipped on some bubbly at Domane Chandon and finished off the day at the best winery of the day: Artesa (great hosts, i n c r e d i b l e wines).

2017-03-06 13.56.03

2017-03-06 17.36.02

2017-03-06 16.08.27

2017-03-06 16.12.54

2017-03-06 15.36.08

2017-03-06 15.36.56

2017-03-06 16.12.40

2017-03-06 17.40.26 HDR

Napa, we had a great time and will be back soon!



Women’s March on Washington

Like me, if you’ve been in DC the past few days, especially anywhere near downtown, you’ve noticed a certain palpable buzzing in the air. This nightmare is finally feeling real. We all obviously knew that this day would finally come, but in a way I think a lot of people like myself (likely as a coping merchanism) pretended it was further away than it truly was.

D-Day is upon us, and this Friday Ivanka’s dad will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. It’s a tough pill to swallow, and if you’re like me, it’d be wise to bookmark this list of all the bars in DC that will have extended hours this week (to those bars pledging to stay open 24 hours, my soul thanks you in advance).

I hope to see you on Saturday, fired up and ready to go.

1. Register to attend: If you’re planning on attending the march in any capacity, please help them get a headcount! This is super easy, and extremely important for organizing logistics and helping marchers keep comfortable and safe. Also while you’re at it, consider making a donation.

2. Make a packing list: thankfully, the weather is expected to be relatively mild this weekend, but there are still a few things you should pack. Think: water bottles, your most comfortable pair of Wendy Davis walking shoes, lots of snacks, wipes for the dreaded porta potties (PS: this made me laugh).

3.  Create your bomb-ass sign: having trouble coming up with a sign that’s Insta-worthy? Dome is here to help you out. They created a few incredible free protest signs, like the one pictured above. My biggest challenge this week is picking which one because I’m in love with them all.

4. Spread the word: have you let you social networks know why you’re marching yet? Who or what are you marching for? Someone who fought before you? Someone who couldn’t stand up to march? Whatever the reason, get it out of your head and into the universe. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WhyIMarch.

5. Watch this 6-minute video outlining the history of Planned Parenthood because it’s really important.

6. Start. Getting. Angry. we’ve got some work to do.

fall in ireland: dublin beginnings (part 1 of 2)


i still can’t believe our 10-day trek across ireland went by so quickly! my parents, sister and i have been planning this trip for about 6 months. after many cross country skype dates between our family, we finally had the details of our trip nailed down. we decided to start our trip in dublin and then rent a car and drive around the country clockwise, driving a full circle around the bottom half of the country.

it was quite an ambitious trip because a lot of driving was involved, but i think we did a great job of delegating the appropriate amount of time in each place. we got to see SO much of the beautiful country. according to everything we read (and all the irish people we spoke to), we got so lucky with almost no rain and beautiful 60’s-and-sunny days every day of our trip save for the last day.

  • stay: 2 days | ashling hotel
  • don’t miss: guinness storehouse, kilmainham gaol, making conversation with as many lovely irish bartenders as you can
  • skip: one of the cathedrals
  • eat: a proper irish breakfast at the queen of tarts
  • drink: like the irish do (guinness). or if that’s not your cup of tea, anything from the francisan well brewery which is on tap most places


our trip began in dublin where we landed at 6 am extreeeeemely jet lagged, yet excited to begin exploring. the first day we set off exploring the kilmainham gaol which was a great introduction to irish history and the city in general. it wouldn’t be a true trip to dublin without exploring the temple bar area which was fun to see, but would gladly never go back again. we had our first of many fish and chips (and guinness) dinners and called it an early night.


the second day we were feeling a little more rested and hit the ground running. we walked the entire city starting with breakfast at the quaintest little cafe, queen of tarts. next, we walked over to christchurch cathedral and crypt which is the oldest church i’ve ever set foot in. the 1,000-year old crypt/museum was incredible, but extremely creepy. after christchurch we walked through dublin castle, st. stephens green (see the birds attacking us below) and trinity college to see their library as well as the book of kells (wow).


our daytime activities ended of course, at no other than the guinness storehouse. coming from someone who is a passive lover of guinness, this was one of my favorite parts of dublin. the storehouse is in an absolutely massive building that literally takes up an entire city block in dublin. the tour was definitely setup to accomodate masses, but it was still so interesting to read about arthur guinness and the affect that he and his brewery have had on dublin, and irish culture as a whole.

after our big day of sightseeing and walking around downtown, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for a special birthday dinner for my dad. it was a “traditional” dinner with stories and folklore at the oldest bar in dublin, brazenhead. while it was a little hokey for my liking, it was still entertaining to be a part of. they had this adorable couple of old men playing music during dinner which was the highlight for me.


most of the photos from dublin were unfortunately taken on my iphone. i discovered on our last day in dublin that what i thought was a complete camera meltdown was actually just a little dust inside 🙂 back to regularly scheduled schmancy photos in the next post…7

on our last day in dublin, i went for a run through the incredibly beautiful phoenix park. then we picked up our rental car, explored both the grafton street and o’connell street shopping districts, and ended with a ridiculously cozy dinner of champagne and mussels at a local pub near our hotel.



^birds attacking us at st. stephens green 🙂











upstate new york | labor day weekend




even though today is technically the first day of autumn, i always consider labor day weekend the unofficial end of summer. to ring in the end of our crazy hectic summer, zach, maribel and i took a trip to upstate for an incredibly relaxing weekend with our parents a few weeks ago over labor day weekend.

zach’s hometown is about 3 hours north of nyc, and about an hour away from the saratoga horse track. we spent the majority of saturday in saratoga (the cutest little town), walking around and seeeing the sights, while also partaking in some horse betting activities. i can’t bet if my life depended on it, but i still had a great time hanging out and doing what i do best: eating and drinking.

the rest of the weekend we spent relaxing in zach’s parents incredibly beautiful and lush backyard, catching up with our families, and having some of the best italian food of my life (this is coming from someone born and raised in philly). i definitely didn’t take as many photos as i’d hoped, but here are a few of the good ones that i did manage to snap.

happy fall, y’all!


grabbing coffee in downtown saratoga




apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…
how beautiful is zach’s parents’ backyard?! i also love that they’re all on their phones in this photo 😉
for a few races throughout the day, we watched from the tv screen back by our table


stud 😉













when maribel met the ocean | ocean city, new jersey

a few weeks ago, my family took a weekend trip together out to our shore house in ocean city, nj. the weekend started with my brother surprising my parents, who flew in for the weekend from san diego without them knowing. i don’t think i’ve ever seen my mom so shocked!


can’t visit ocnj without at least one stop here

we settled in after the initial surprise and immediately took maribel to the beach. even though we’ve been back living on the east coast for about a year now, we never managed to get her to the ocean. she was obsessed with the baby pool we bought her while we were living in austin, so i was so excited to see her first experience with the ocean.

as soon as we hit the sand she took off running. i’m in decent shape, but i’m so happy my super-fit brother was there to keep up with her as she sprinted toward the ocean. i don’t think i’ve ever seen her happier! she’s still a little unsure about big waves, but we determined that we definitely have a water dog on our hands.



2016-08-20 16.02.58.jpg
a welcomed, “more healthy” alternative to day-drinking beach beers: truly (spiked seltzer)



after what ended up being a highlight of the weekend for me, we spent the rest of the weekend doing what you do down the shore: relaxing on or near the beach, and eating and drinking way too much. we sprinkled in a few bikes rides and run here or there to keep things balanced.


panama hat (and yes of course, i bought it in size XL #bigheadproblems)

we took our last beach trip of the year a few weeks ago and while it was sad to say goodbye for a little while, i can’t say that i wished summer lasted any longer. i feel like we properly “did” summer.


i saw citizen cope live at the music pier, which was my first concert at that venue. it’s a beautiful location right on the water and i highly recommend seeing a show (any show) if you have the chance.


clams casino at the crab trap in somers point. THE BEST

this summer i also ate my weight in kohr brothers frozen custard, rode bikes to strathmere for mahi mahi sandwiches on the bay at twisties, had one too many bud lights at the beach/back bars in sea isle, drank coffee and read books on the porch, let my hair run wild, stayed up too late watching movies, and spending time on the beach at the 5 o’clock hour (the best hour on the beach, from a pitkin’s standpoint). 12this has been the busiest season of my life with all of our road trips and adventures (i’ll be writing a summer wrap-up). i’m so thankful for the weekends we were able to spend by the water.

and now that summer has come to a close, i’m really, really looking forward a relaxing and rejuvenating fall.









summer lately [via my iphone]

above: my handsome date and i from a wedding in philly last weekend [dress and braid]

august will be here in just over a week and i can’t believe how quickly summer is flying by. i’m not ready! it feels like just yesterday i was sipping my first summer love of the season and before you know it we’ll be pulling out our boots and watching the leaves turn colors.

i hope you’re hanging in there. this summer has been lovely, but also quite disorienting. hug your loved ones extra tightly today.

20160625_142341_resized_1 copy
a peaceful afternoon drinking beers and floating down the potomac
2016-07-10 15.08.44 copy
a beautiful afternoon spent wine tasting just outside dc
2016-07-16 00.00.06 copy
the most appropriate favor for a philly wedding
2016-07-11 10.00.38 HDR-1 copy
nitro cold brew from compass coffee is my newest obsession
2016-07-12 20.37.19 copy.jpg
taking advantage of the beautiful weather with an impromptu wine and cheese night
2016-06-10 10.41.05
breakfast with the boys at a friend’s bachelorette
2016-06-14 12.52.20 copy
i cried when i voted for hillary in the primary. i will cry whether she wins or loses the general election.
2016-06-14 13.27.22
the cutest vanilla bean confetti cookies i’ve made 3 times now
2016-07-21 13.44.33
soaking up summer as long as possible
a rare crowd-less afternoon at bluejacket brewery
2016-06-22 20.53.39 copy
work trips to austin in june call for sweaty outdoor concerts and wine

summer to-do list


this is our first summer back on the east coast and we couldn’t be more excited. we’ve got lots of roadtrips planned to visit family and friends, attend weddings and spend a few weekends at the beach. summer is all about taking things slow and savoring life. so while we’ve got a pretty packed few weeks ahead of us, we’re going to do our best to enjoy each moment with that theme in mind.

  • sample the tiki drinks at a tiki bar
  • score a prime picnic spot for an outdoor concert
  • float down the potomac at harper’s ferry
  • have brunch at a beer garden
  • break out my big hat at the saratoga horse track
  • stand in line at jim’s steaks for the best philly cheesesteak
  • cheers on the nationals and enjoy a hotdog and beer
  • create the perfect road trip playlist for weekends away
  • break out our hammock on a lazy sunday at the park
  • host wine and cheese nights on our rooftop as often as possible
  • ride bikes up and down the boardwalk
  • raise a glass at barrel oak winery
  • grill some peaches
  • go to an old fashioned, drive-in movie theater

rachel’s bachelorette in miami


back in may, a group of my oldest friends met in miami for a weekend celebrating our dear friend rachel’s bachelorette. the majority of us have been friends for over a decade, so needless to say this weekend/reunion was filled with lots of yummy food, belly laughs, and of course alcohol.

we all flew in from our respective cities friday morning and checked into the blue moon hotel (champagne upon arrival — thanks, ed!). the rest of the weekend was filled with picture perfect weather, poolside dinner at broken shaker, bribing limo drivers, celeb sightings and scooping up paper at liv, incredible art deco architecture, fish tacos, 4 am skinny dipping and pizza on the beach, galavanting up and down south beach, the clevelander and endless mojitos.

when we all were giving hugs goodbye, we made a promise to do this again before another year went by. where to next?

















photos via: blue moon hotel miami and broken shaker