the most instagrammed exhibit?


the ‘wonder’ exhibit at the renwick gallery in downtown dc is two things:

  1. aptly named.
  2. likely one of the most instagrammed art exhibits in the world (and rightly so. it translates incredibly well in photographs).


aside from the exhibits themselves, i’m fascinated by the expressions of the people in them. every old man, teenager and child is completely taken with each of these 9 exhibits. the stories behind these creations is another thing all together.


all i can say is that this exhibit is worth the hype. it’s free, takes about 30 minutes to an hour to walk through, and if you arrive and see a line down the block don’t fret — the line moves extremely fast.


hurry — some exhibits are only on view through may 8, 2016.

4millions of index cards, toothpicks and Syrofoam cups


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florida avenue grill


when i moved back to dc last fall after a~3 year hiatus, i was so excited to explore new neighborhoods, bars and restaurants that had popped up while i was gone. but our neighborhood (and dc in general) is so rich with history and places that made dc “dc”, many of which i embarrassingly had never been to. one of those places is florida avenue grill near u street.

70 (!) years ago, lacy c. wilson and his wife created this little haven as a “a home away from home, where people of different races, social standings, and even religions could sit side by side and have a meal.” this place has gone through the assassination of martin luther king, jr. and the subsequent riots across america and the u street corridor, gentrification, 3 different owners, as well as a rapidly changing surrounding neighborhood.


i walk by this place every morning with maribel and especially on weekends, there are troves of people waiting to get in. it’s located essentially on it’s own, not located near any other restaurant or bars. you would almost miss it if you weren’t looking for it. after we ate there a few weeks ago, i wanted to kick myself for not having gone sooner because it was so freakin good. there’s a reason this place has lasted 70+ years.

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weekend in dc


last weekend was spent hanging out with friends and trying out some new [to us] places. friday we metup with some friends for fancy cocktails at a cool little bar on 14th + u, quarter + glory. on saturday, after a failed attempt to attend an outdoor festival at yards park, we happily ended up at blue jacket for beers + bar snacks.

sunday, zach and i were on a mission in search of wood and other materials for two projects we’re working on at home. we decided to checkout community forklift in hyattesville, md. on our way, we stopped at vigilante coffee to pickup some coffee and pastries [the pretty star-shaped pastry is a kouign-amann, basically sugar, butter and heaven]. we topped off the weekend with a late-night oyster stop in our hood at eat the rich, a place we’ve been meaning to try since moving back to dc 5 months ago.

to me, there’s no better way to spend a weekend than by exploring new places in and near our city.


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