5 Free DC Events That Happen (Almost) Every Week


One of the things I appreciate most about DC is the seemingly endless list of events going on. Between outdoor concert series and events at the museums, there always seems to be something to check out. Whether you’re interested in art, working out, or good old fashioned drinking, DC has something to offer if you know where to look.

Here’s a few items on my budget-friendly bucket list this summer:

  • Free 3-mile “Sunday Runday” every Sunday 10 AM @ Union Market (NOMA): get your run on plus a free mat pilates class, and then head into the market and eat your well-deserved biscuit!
  • Free Comedy every Monday 8 PM @ The Passenger (Shaw): as the event page so eloquently states: “COME SPEND YOUR MONDAY’S WATCHING LOCAL COMEDIANS TALK ABOUT THEIR FLAWS AND INSECURITIES SO YOU CAN DRINK BOOZE AND FORGET ABOUT YOUR OWN!”  While this event is free, you do need to reserve your space in advance.
  • Free Summer Concerts every Wednesday 7 PM @ Strathmore (Bethesda): pack a picnic and trek north a bit for Strathmore’s Live on the Lawn concert series
  • Free Yoga every Tuesday 6 PM @ City Centre (Chinatown): hosted by CorePower, a free yoga series open to all.
  • Free Drive-in Movie Theater every few Fridays 7 PM @ Union Market (NOMA): free for walk-ups, $10 for cars in advance. You can bet your ass I’ll be there in a few weeks for Honey I Shrunk the Kids!

Women’s March on Washington

Like me, if you’ve been in DC the past few days, especially anywhere near downtown, you’ve noticed a certain palpable buzzing in the air. This nightmare is finally feeling real. We all obviously knew that this day would finally come, but in a way I think a lot of people like myself (likely as a coping merchanism) pretended it was further away than it truly was.

D-Day is upon us, and this Friday Ivanka’s dad will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. It’s a tough pill to swallow, and if you’re like me, it’d be wise to bookmark this list of all the bars in DC that will have extended hours this week (to those bars pledging to stay open 24 hours, my soul thanks you in advance).

I hope to see you on Saturday, fired up and ready to go.

1. Register to attend: If you’re planning on attending the march in any capacity, please help them get a headcount! This is super easy, and extremely important for organizing logistics and helping marchers keep comfortable and safe. Also while you’re at it, consider making a donation.

2. Make a packing list: thankfully, the weather is expected to be relatively mild this weekend, but there are still a few things you should pack. Think: water bottles, your most comfortable pair of Wendy Davis walking shoes, lots of snacks, wipes for the dreaded porta potties (PS: this made me laugh).

3.  Create your bomb-ass sign: having trouble coming up with a sign that’s Insta-worthy? Dome is here to help you out. They created a few incredible free protest signs, like the one pictured above. My biggest challenge this week is picking which one because I’m in love with them all.

4. Spread the word: have you let you social networks know why you’re marching yet? Who or what are you marching for? Someone who fought before you? Someone who couldn’t stand up to march? Whatever the reason, get it out of your head and into the universe. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WhyIMarch.

5. Watch this 6-minute video outlining the history of Planned Parenthood because it’s really important.

6. Start. Getting. Angry. we’ve got some work to do.

the most instagrammed exhibit?


the ‘wonder’ exhibit at the renwick gallery in downtown dc is two things:

  1. aptly named.
  2. likely one of the most instagrammed art exhibits in the world (and rightly so. it translates incredibly well in photographs).


aside from the exhibits themselves, i’m fascinated by the expressions of the people in them. every old man, teenager and child is completely taken with each of these 9 exhibits. the stories behind these creations is another thing all together.


all i can say is that this exhibit is worth the hype. it’s free, takes about 30 minutes to an hour to walk through, and if you arrive and see a line down the block don’t fret — the line moves extremely fast.


hurry — some exhibits are only on view through may 8, 2016.

4millions of index cards, toothpicks and Syrofoam cups


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friday afternoons

2016-03-11 15.33.33

my friend laura is also a remote worker. she and i usually spend most friday afternoons finding new places to do work together throughout the city. this past friday we were able to finally checkout kafe bohem in shaw.

we were really excited to checkout this euro style cafe, but i must say we were a bit let down. there were no other patrons in the shop when we arrived which should’ve been our first hint. the barista was very nice, but she had ‘somewhere else to be’ so they were only able to offer us drip coffee and hot tea. 3 pm on a friday is probably a slower time than most for coffee shops. but if that’s the case, they should close if they are only able to offer espresso drinks. i did have a warm lentil salad topped with greens, goat cheese, and honey mustard that wasn’t bad. i’d love to go back and try their schnitzel.

after kafe bohem, we were still in need of real coffee so we went to the mecca of dc coffee shops: compass coffee. if you follow me on snapchat, you may have seen me lose my mind when i learned that their mint cold brew on nitro is back (!). and it was as good a i remembered.


after proper caffeination, it was suddenly 5 pm and we decided to walk across the street and checkout takoda since it was opening day. takoda opened that day at 5 pm, and by 5:15 the roof was already at capacity. we did manage to snag a seat by the window which was glorious. we each tried 2 different cocktails which were delicious, but shockingly small for their price (even for dc). i’m excited to go back and try some of their interesting food offering, as well as the beer garden-style roof — once there’s no longer a line out the front door.



florida avenue grill


when i moved back to dc last fall after a~3 year hiatus, i was so excited to explore new neighborhoods, bars and restaurants that had popped up while i was gone. but our neighborhood (and dc in general) is so rich with history and places that made dc “dc”, many of which i embarrassingly had never been to. one of those places is florida avenue grill near u street.

70 (!) years ago, lacy c. wilson and his wife created this little haven as a “a home away from home, where people of different races, social standings, and even religions could sit side by side and have a meal.” this place has gone through the assassination of martin luther king, jr. and the subsequent riots across america and the u street corridor, gentrification, 3 different owners, as well as a rapidly changing surrounding neighborhood.


i walk by this place every morning with maribel and especially on weekends, there are troves of people waiting to get in. it’s located essentially on it’s own, not located near any other restaurant or bars. you would almost miss it if you weren’t looking for it. after we ate there a few weeks ago, i wanted to kick myself for not having gone sooner because it was so freakin good. there’s a reason this place has lasted 70+ years.

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barrel oak winery [delaplane, va]



barrel oak winery‘s motto is “real people. real passion. real virginia wine.” there is definitely a friendly, low-key, familial feel to this winery and i’m so thankful that it’s only an hours drive from dc. we spent this past saturday in their adorable cabin-style wine area snacking, laughing and imbibing some pretty tasty wines. i was partial to the Continue reading “barrel oak winery [delaplane, va]”

weekend in dc


last weekend was spent hanging out with friends and trying out some new [to us] places. friday we metup with some friends for fancy cocktails at a cool little bar on 14th + u, quarter + glory. on saturday, after a failed attempt to attend an outdoor festival at yards park, we happily ended up at blue jacket for beers + bar snacks.

sunday, zach and i were on a mission in search of wood and other materials for two projects we’re working on at home. we decided to checkout community forklift in hyattesville, md. on our way, we stopped at vigilante coffee to pickup some coffee and pastries [the pretty star-shaped pastry is a kouign-amann, basically sugar, butter and heaven]. we topped off the weekend with a late-night oyster stop in our hood at eat the rich, a place we’ve been meaning to try since moving back to dc 5 months ago.

to me, there’s no better way to spend a weekend than by exploring new places in and near our city.


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