Thursday Things

My soul had other plans. Reminding myself to bring back into my daily practice of being present, that I need to be tender with myself. We are imperfect beings, growing and changing everyday and a little tenderness is like water, cleanses, nourishes, and allows for the clarity to set in.

-A valuable reminder. Aleksandra Zee, woodworker, shopowner, and self-described ‘one-woman show’

  1. We finally have a healthy house here after a week of lots of coughs and boogers. I impulse bought these at CVS earlier this week and probably will never be going back to regular tissues.
  2. Spent Tuesday night watching Obama’s farewell speech and feeling all the feels (sad, inspired, helpless, enraged, proud, etc.). I sure am sad to see this family go.
  3. Yesterday was a *big* day in terms of news (i.e. Rex Tillerson’s Secretary of State Nomination Hearing, Ivanka’s Dad’s first press conference in months). I was particularly moved by testimony that was part of Jeff Sessions ‘ Attorney General hearing, both from Amita Swadhin, a sexual assault survivor and also New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.
  4. Anthro’s spring arrivals like this and this are making me v happy, and wishing for some warmer weather (and more hours of daylight).
  5. Women’s March on Washington is in just over a week! Have you registered to go yet?

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