summer lately [via my iphone]

above: my handsome date and i from a wedding in philly last weekend [dress and braid]

august will be here in just over a week and i can’t believe how quickly summer is flying by. i’m not ready! it feels like just yesterday i was sipping my first summer love of the season and before you know it we’ll be pulling out our boots and watching the leaves turn colors.

i hope you’re hanging in there. this summer has been lovely, but also quite disorienting. hug your loved ones extra tightly today.

20160625_142341_resized_1 copy
a peaceful afternoon drinking beers and floating down the potomac
2016-07-10 15.08.44 copy
a beautiful afternoon spent wine tasting just outside dc
2016-07-16 00.00.06 copy
the most appropriate favor for a philly wedding
2016-07-11 10.00.38 HDR-1 copy
nitro cold brew from compass coffee is my newest obsession
2016-07-12 20.37.19 copy.jpg
taking advantage of the beautiful weather with an impromptu wine and cheese night
2016-06-10 10.41.05
breakfast with the boys at a friend’s bachelorette
2016-06-14 12.52.20 copy
i cried when i voted for hillary in the primary. i will cry whether she wins or loses the general election.
2016-06-14 13.27.22
the cutest vanilla bean confetti cookies i’ve made 3 times now
2016-07-21 13.44.33
soaking up summer as long as possible
a rare crowd-less afternoon at bluejacket brewery
2016-06-22 20.53.39 copy
work trips to austin in june call for sweaty outdoor concerts and wine

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