friday afternoons

a few of my favorite things to take us into the weekend

a shot from memorial day weekend

cheers to the weekend! i’ll be sitting in a philly chapel watching two dear friends wed instead of a coffee shop in dc this afternoon. here’s what i would be perusing this friday afternoon.

have a relaxing weekend!

  • been thinking about creating a ‘wake-up routine’, too via life hacker
  • which wine goes goes with which glass via my domaine
  • 6 really helpful work tips via man repeller
  • my new gold embossed, customized mouse pad via the leather shop
  • you are what you read via qz
  • 17 apps to make your life easier via the muse
  • utilize these tips if you’re heading to the beach this weekend
  • getting lost in this blogger’s ireland photos
  • will be utilizing some of these tips this weekend
  • my first time wearing yellow this weekend via asos

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