the most instagrammed exhibit?


the ‘wonder’ exhibit at the renwick gallery in downtown dc is two things:

  1. aptly named.
  2. likely one of the most instagrammed art exhibits in the world (and rightly so. it translates incredibly well in photographs).


aside from the exhibits themselves, i’m fascinated by the expressions of the people in them. every old man, teenager and child is completely taken with each of these 9 exhibits. the stories behind these creations is another thing all together.


all i can say is that this exhibit is worth the hype. it’s free, takes about 30 minutes to an hour to walk through, and if you arrive and see a line down the block don’t fret — the line moves extremely fast.


hurry — some exhibits are only on view through may 8, 2016.

4millions of index cards, toothpicks and Syrofoam cups


this room is made entirely out of real, dead bugs. the splotchy red ‘paint’ on the walls? blood from insects.





all photos are my own except the third photo of patrick dougherty’s work (which was impossible to take a photo of when filled with people). that photo can be found here.


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