half moon bay to monterey [pch trip part 2 of 5]

this 5 part series outlines a two-week road trip my brother, sister and i took down the pacific coast highway. on our trip, we started in napa, drove to the muir woods, spent a few days san francisco, drove from half moon bay to monterey, then big sur and finally ended in los angeles.


after san francisco, we did a lot of driving down the pacific coast highway from half moon bay to monterey. it was probably the longest leg of our trip, and what i remember most about this leg is lots of car snacks and driving music, overcast weather, incredible views over every bend, insane surfers fighting to the death to get their waves, and lots of laughs in the car.


we didn’t really have any specific places we wanted to checkout during this part of the drive, which made it extra special. we drove and stopped when we wanted and as we pleased. theres an element of this that i find relaxing — it’s the reason why i’ll always favor taking the long road in a car (when we can go at our own pace) over other transportation options.

surfers sensing the wave…
the waves were massive. and the surfers were all so close together!





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