las vegas, nv


last weekend we jumped on a plane for a super quick trip to vegas! we were there to redeem a trip that zach and i had won on the ellen show last spring. we won a two-night stay and tickets to see jennifer lopez perform! my siblings flew in from la and san diego to meet us…i never knew my brother was such a j.lo fan until that night 😉

we spent most of the weekend having a pretty typical vegas experience, traipsing around the town, eating, drinking and laughing until our stomachs hurt. some highlights included: seeing j.lo perform and my first vegas show ever at the axis theater at planet hollywood [that woman is an ageless, magical unicorn], indulging in delicious sweets and champagne at the wooden spoon in the cosmopolitan casino [never have i seen a more extensive array of all-you-can-eat food], walking around fremont street and feeling like we went back in time in old las vegas.

it was a quick trip, but i know it won’t be my last.






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