british virgin islands


jost van dyke is the smallest of the 4 main islands that comprise the british virgin islands. at 3 square miles and a population of 298, it goes without saying that this island is completely off the grid. it’s so small that:

  1.  the first mate of the small boat we chartered was also our bartender that night at the local bar where the whole island parties together each night
  2. upon arrival, the “car company” left our suzuki next to the dock with the keys under the mat, trusting that we’d sign the paperwork and pay at some point later on
  3. within 4 days i felt like i knew everyone on the island


we stayed at the white bay villas, the cutest little apartment-type lodging with the most incredible view. there are no grocery stores on the island, so our hotel asked for a grocery list ahead of time and had it all waiting as soon as we arrived. many people visit JVD, but not many stay on the actual island. we were so lucky. most people drive their boats in from st. john, st. thomas and tortola up to one of the 5 island beach bars to spend the day, and then either boat home or spend the night on their boats.

we spent mornings on our deck overlooking our incredible view of the bay, spent our days drinking delicious painkiller cocktails with freshly grated nutmeg, lounging on the beach, overdosing on fresh fish and lobster, dancing out tails off at Roxy’s each night, long chats on the dock at night, navigating the rough terrain/roads in our trusty jeep, reading, and listening to endless caribbean music.

i can’t wait to go back. even if it does take 2 flights, 1 ferry and a $200 water taxi to get there.

stay: white bay villas

fun: rent a jeep and drive to the other two harbors across the island, .charter the Endeavour II for the day (the boat was hand built on JVD and all proceeds so to the Jost Van Dykes Preservation Society), take nature walks on a surrounding uninhabited island, boat to the Bee Line bar where you’ll have your own private bar on your own private island

eat/drink: dinner at the famous soggy dollar, dance the night away at foxy’s (if you’re lucky enough to see him, introduce yourself to foxy! he’s the sweetest man), enjoy lobster on the deck of sidney’s peace and love — a must eat!




















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