How to identify the authentic Adidas shamrock shoes

Adidas three trademarks.
AG, adidas, adidas logos, clover logos, sphere logos, and three-streak logos are trademarks of the adidas Group. Y-3 is a trademark of adidas Group. Yohji Yamamoto is a registered trademark of Yohji Yamamoto.
Many ADIDAS people think that the adidas (adidas) logo on behalf of the three leaf-shaped design represents a blossoming flower, in fact, it originally represented the world map, but also metaphor ADIDAS founder Eddie? Sew on the shoes of the three tapes. After some changes in 1949, three ribbon-shaped trademarks have been covered by three leaves of the world map, marked since the 1970s. With the changes of the times, from three tapes to three leaves to the emergence of three petals, always around a three words. Because it represents the spirit of adidas “equality, beauty and supreme classic.” The difference between the two different signs of  fake yeezys 350.

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Clover Ady’s old version of the logo, now as a sign of adidas classic three-bar Adidas logo
The remaining is called Y-3, the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto and adidas cooperation of a high-end fashion brand, also considered a luxury This is a sign of different periods, a few years ago is clover, in recent years due to Nike The need for competition has been a strategic adjustment, in which the exchange of signs (that is, replaced by what you say the three bars) is one of the moves to make it appear more stylish, you go look at
Clover is adidas used to have a period of previous logo. This graphic symbolizes the expanded world map that came out in 1972. The three stripes are earlier, the original structure of the athletic shoes actually have a bearing part, came out in 1949, that is, adidas hit the brand’s second year.
By the mid-90s, adidas began to push the main three-brick logo.
Into the 21st century, adidas again clover retro series.
In fact, adidas a total of three signs, one is that we usually see the triangle formed by the length of three different rectangles, the other is the “Clover” series, there is a football series. . . Is an unformed circle with an adidas logo.
In addition to look at the price, what else can distinguish between the true and false of the brand?
1. Look at the purchase channel
As a influential brand, Adidas Clover has its own official website, the official website you can view the latest information, you can also buy. Of course, some shoes are not sold in the official website, but also need to pay attention to, like adidas cushioning technology with uninhibited new color adidas Originals NMD series, only in store sales. Need to go to JUICE Shanghai, Deal Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other Adidas Clover official stores to buy. And just in March this year, NMD heavy return, bringing more new models and color, interpretation of the most extraordinary super trend experience.
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Look at work
In general, Adidas Clover is quite elegant in workmanship, the car line will be smoother and less prone to off-line problems, while the fakes are more imitative styles but do not pay  replica yeezy boost 350 to work, as long as the careful observation can be found. In addition, the taste, the fake plastic taste will be heavier, but also a good way to distinguish.
3. Look shoes standard
In the standard shoes, Adidas clover is quite elegant. For the US code, if the lower number is an integer, then the number must be immediately below the letter U, which is an integer plus one-half the fraction, then the integer number is immediately below the letter U, 1/2

Score below the letter S left a little bit. If the number under US is a 2-digit integer, the tens digit is roughly aligned with the right vertical bar of the letter U, the digits are immediately below S, and if the number below the US is a 2-digit integer plus 1/2, then The 2 digits of the integer are below the letter U and the 1/2 fraction is directly below the letter S. As long as the careful comparison, it is not difficult to distinguish between true and false.